What other fees may apply to my order?

Your order may incur additional service fees if our delivery/pick-up teams are required to use stairs, delivery/pick-up is delayed due to the event, if there is a large distance between the truck and delivery location, or if it requires additional labor or services. 

View the list of fees related to delivery/pick-up on our website for more information.

More information on Stair Charges:

If your location is only accessible by stairs or the item(s) you are ordering does not fit in the elevator, your event may be assessed Stair Charges. We define a flight of stairs as "landing to landing."  

Example: In a location in which we need to travel up the stairs to the first landing to make the delivery, the order will include 1 flight of stairs for the delivery and 1 flight of stairs for the pick-up. If we are required to make the delivery to the second landing, then it would be 2 flights of stairs for the delivery and 2 flights of stairs for the pick-up.

If stairs are not noted within Checkout and we arrive on-site to find the product does not fit in the elevator, we will contact you about the on-site issue. We'll seek approval to add the stair fees to the order and/or give the option to allow our team to deliver to the ground floor.  

Delivering and picking up from the ground floor will avoid stair charges but it would be your responsibility to bring the items up to the location and back down to the ground floor for pick-up.

Any questions about the fees and/or charges? Contact our Customer Care team via phone at 1-844-GO-HIPPO (464-4776) or Live Chat on our website. Our Live Chat is available Mondays - Fridays, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

How to add stairs to your order

To add stairs to your order, follow these steps on our website:

  • On the "Event Overview" tab during Checkout, locate the section, "What do we need to know about this location?"
  • Check off the Stairs box and in the box labeled "Floors", list the number of flights required to reach the delivery and pick-up location.