My business or event is tax-exempt. How can I reflect this on my order?

Managing Tax Exempt documents on your account is quick and easy.  Once you have an approved tax document on file in the state where your event is taking place, the tax will be removed from your invoice. To manage tax exemptions for your account, follow these steps:

  1. Create or Log into Your Account:

    • If you don't have an account, it's recommended to register one. You can find instructions on how to register by clicking here.
  2. Navigate to Administration Tab:

    • Once logged in, go to the Administration Tab in your account.
    • If you are not the Administrator of your account, please navigate to your Profile where you will find your Admin's email address.  You'll need your account admin to upload/manage these documents.
  3. Access Manage Tax Exemption:

    • Look for the "Manage Tax Exemption" link located in the bottom right corner of the Administration Tab screen.
  4. Access Avalara Tax Portal:

    • Clicking on the Manage Tax Exemption link will open a new browser window, directing you to the tax portal through Avalara, our Tax Compliance Management Partner.
  5. Upload or Update Tax Forms:

    • In the Avalara portal, you can upload new tax forms or update existing ones. 
    • Note - Different states and types of exemptions may require specific information, which you will be guided through during the registration process.
  6. Verification Process:

    • After uploading the tax form, Avalara will verify its validity. 
    • This verification process usually takes up to a week. During this time, Party Rental will consider the form valid unless deemed otherwise.
  7. Payment Process:

    • If you've applied payment to an event under your organization, the invoice should reflect that no tax is applied if the exemption is valid.
    • To apply payment to your event, navigate to the Payment Portal and log into your account. Enter the Event Number and Event Date to access the total amount due without tax. You can then proceed to enter your credit card information for payment.

Following these steps should help you manage tax exemptions efficiently through your online account with Avalara.