What is your standard rental period?

The price of our rental equipment includes a 7-day rental period (calculated as a "Rental Factor" and referred to on your invoice as "RF"). Should you need to keep our products longer than 7 days, additional charges will apply. Rentals are charged on a weekly multiple and added to your event (ex: 8-14 days is two times the cost of the rental order; 15-21 days is three times the cost and so forth). See the table below for days and charges for further examples:

If you've already received your order and had your event, but need to keep the items longer, please contact us prior to your scheduled pickup date to reschedule. Rescheduling on the day of your pickup may cause a re-pickup fee to be incurred.

We are only able to reschedule pickups for whole events. If you wish to keep specific items longer than the original pick-up date, please place a new rental request for the new dates through your online account. A new rental request is necessary to determine if the products are available for the new dates (if not, this means they are reserved for other events and alternate items would need to be chosen).  

Rental Period Charges

Up to this many days Rental charge
7 1x charge
14 2x charge
21 3x charge
28 4x charge
35 5x charge
42 6x charge